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After receiving an academic degree in architecture, the avowed perfectionist Thomas Kutschera has worked for a number of prestigious architectural firms before opening his own studio for architecture in 1986.

From the very beginning his workstyle was characterized by his determined ambition, to develop clear structures and perfectly usable concepts while maintaining high architectural standards. This soon led to a number of housing projects, followed by additional assignments such as refurbishments, hotels and office complexes. The special gift, to turn even the most complex tasks and functions into holistic, crystal clear solutions and building structures, led to the further specialization of designing data centers in recent years.

Arch. Kutschera is proud of the competence and overall performance of the team: “Often we are in competition with other agencies and can always successfully score as soon as our team of experts enters into a dialogue with the client. Architecture is never an end in itself we want to enforce at any price. We always take the arguments of our clients seriously.”