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Sustainability is a vital growing market in real estate. New perspectives and areas of responsibility in architecture call for competence in intertwining the economic, ecological and societal aspects of building – all while keeping in mind current and future generations.

A building is always a local product meeting specifically local societal needs. Its users orient themselves toward local norms and traditions and are characterized by a regional building culture. These local considerations are especially relevant during the planning of the revitalization and reuse of buildings.

Sustainable building is in harmony with nature and strives for energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources. Professional, energy-efficient construction requires careful planning in order to avoid thermal bridges, defective air circulation (condensation), and other means of waste.

A building is sustainable when it can adapt to changing demands on the environment or to changes in style, and thus is more likely to be reused. The value retention and return remain high. To achieve this, integral planning and consideration of the entire life cycle of a building is imperative.


We have the know-how to design and implement projects in line with LEED certification (U.S. Green Building Council LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) throughout the entire planning process, from the detailed design to the completion notice.