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K / A / D - ZT-GmbH feature a variety of services that extend from preliminary drafts to approval- and implementation-planning, building inspections up to the delivery of faultless, turn-key ready developments.

We advise on and analyze the potential of building lots in the form of design studies. additionally, we offer the consultant services of a general planner in cooperation with our partners. Accordingto the conceptual formulation and the individual character of an assignment, projects are defined by objective parameters and processing intensity.

Competence residential buildings

The conceptual orientation of each residential building depends heavily on the location itself and is reflected in the architectural ductus. We generally practise some creative restraint in the design of residential buildings in order to give room to the individual aestetic development of residents. By improving concepts for livable accomodation, we belive in serving a basic need of every human being. Optimized floor plans that can be easily furnished provide sustainable living spaces that even may appear larger than they actually are. Our work is affirmed by the fact that the apartments are usually sold out before construction is completed.

Competence revitalization

We develop concepts to sucessfully enhance used buildings that have long served their original purpose with an intelligent and ecologically viable future use. Our portfolio ranges from revitalizing classic historical buildings up to the integration of just a few decades old structures into valuable and new attractive concepts.

Competence office buildings

Since office buildings consume a lot of energy, it´s in the architect´s hands to create an architectural expression that ensures a sustainable, environmentally friendly use of resources. This affects not only the construction phase of a building, but dramatically applies to the ongoing operation of heating, cooling and lighting as well. We are qualified to develop office buildings so that they are environmentally certifiable (eg LEED Gold/Platinum). In addition we create intelligent access concepts that allow the flexible use of office units in order to react to changing market conditions.

Competence data processing centers

Data centers demand not only the highest standards in security and availability, the IT industry itself is also extremely fast living. New technologies are introduced on a yearly basis and operators find it difficult to forecast their needs even for the next decade. That´s why we have developed a highly modular structure concept for data centers that has already been sucessfully implemented several times. This innovative concept can be customized to parameters and requirements of individual operators regarding access security, selective routing, redundancy, seperate supply chains and junction-free wiring and fully extendabillity in all directions. To ensure any scaling measures while in full operation, attachment points and spaces for further construction activities are deployed throughout the plant. The modularity is not limited to the building structure alone, it also applies to climate conditions and technological changes. Green IT, LEED and TUV-certifications are an integral part of our work.