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Our credo is "FACT", as we face the challenge of creating a harmonized balance between Function – Architecture – Costs – and Time management

K / A / D - ZT-GmbH see themselves as a competent service provider and responsible partner and trustee of the project developers. We don't believe architecture to be an end in itself, and certainly not a means of our own self-expression. Projects are only considered to be successful in the long run when all relevant parameters and requirements are fulfilled and implemented in an architectural language appropriate to the project goals.



A building must be in line with its function to serve its purpose. The thematic orientation (e.g. office, residence, industrial, hotel, etc.), demands specific building structures and pervades the architectural language. This ranges  from aesthetic functional buildings to iconic landmarks.



We see architecture as the creative interpretation of all influencing parameters. The aesthetic forms the ideological superstructure for the optimized implementation of the building tasks.



Keeping a handle on the building costs is a signature quality of mature architectural planning. Cost projections have to be maintained in order to ensure the economic success of the project. An understandable aim of any client.


Time management

Delivering a project on time is mandatory in order to fully utilize on a real estate investment. Through strict time management the compliance with timely requirements is secured.